Sunday, January 20, 2008

Crossdresser Stacey's DVD's Available

Crossdresser Stacey's DVD's are available at

DVD 1 - Stacey with Guy or CD - 65 minutes

1 - Motel Sex - Stacey has fun with a sexy CD and then tries four different positions. She has a climaxing ending. 36 minutes

2 - Key Hole - Stacey here noises from another room and looks thru keyhole. She watches a CD and a guy go at it. Both have a climaxing ending. 25 minutes

3 - C..s in Own Mouth - Stacey has her leather skirt on with black pumps. Walks into her bed room and lays on bed plays with a dildo. She then lays on floor with her bottom up and drops someting in her mouth. 4 minutes

DVD 2 - Stacey with Guy - 59 minutes

1 - Lingerie Burglar - A Burglar breaks into a house and goes to the girls bedroom and finds her lingerie and tries them all on. He has a climaxing ending in each one. This has 6 scenes. Lasts 59:00 minutes

DVD 3 - Stacey with Guy or CD- 54 minutes

1 - Taxi - Stacey gets into a Taxi and sees xxx magazines on floor. She looks thru them and gets horny. She strokes and sees the driver watching. She crawls up and satisfies him, then goes back and satisfies herself. 26:20 minutes

2 - Crossdresser Calls Friend - Stacey calls her friend and talks him into dressing into wife's lingerie and they both have a climaing ending. 14:10 minutes

3 - Cdware Bowl Party - Stacey hosts a plastic bowl party and as a guy is watching her he fantasies having sex with her. Both come. 13:50 minutes

DVD 4 - 64 minutes

1 - Pantyhose & Butt Plug - Stacey wears several pantyhose for a customer. She uses a Butt Plug up her and comes on the pantyhose. 11:32 minutes

2 - Double Dildo - Stacey is on then floor and a close up shows a 12 inch Double Headed Dildo comes out . She comes on floor. 2:30 minutes

3 - Bathroom Screwdriver Handle - Stacey in her lingerie sits on toilet seat in the Bathroom. She slides a Screw Driver up her and comes . 8:50 minutes

4 - Tools Up Her - Stacey slides a Screw Driver and Pipe Wrench Handle up her. She ends up comes her Belly and Leg. 10:00 minutes

5 - Lingerie Show - Stacey shows off lots of different lingerie outfits to a guy standing. He comes at end. 29:45 minutes

DVD 5 - Solo Shots - 56 minutes

1 - Comes on Panties - Stacey in her lingerie takes her panties off, lays them on the floor and comes on them. 8:40 minutes

2 - Custom Video Black Skirt/Pumps - Stacey does a custom video for a guy. Stacey stands on a large mirror, camera is looking up between her flesh colored legs in black pumps. She comes onto the floor. 3:10 minutes

3 - Custom Video White Nylons - Stacey does a custom video for a guy. She stands wearing white thigh highs, black pumps, black top and Comes on floor standing. 14:20 minutes

4 - Comes on Panties Black Skirt/Pumps, Granny Panties - Stacey takes off her black leather skirt, she lays on floor and Comes on her granny panties. 4:18 minutes

5 - Top Down - Stacey standing in white corselet from top down, Comes on floor. 2:45 minutes

6 - Hall Stop - Stacey sits on hall floor and Comes on floor. 3:25 minutes

7 - Work Out - Stacey sits on workout bench and shoots her load. 2:45 minutes

8 - Recliner - Stacey shows off rear, sits in recliner and Comes on her leg. 2:50 minutes

9 - Five movies Before DVD's - 15 minutes

DVD 6 - Bondage & Watersports - 39 minutes

1 - Tied & Swatted - Stacey answers her door only to get thrown down to the floor. Next she is tied to a chair then spanked with a fly swatter and then told to stick it in a hole thru the chair until she comes. Then she services a guy. 6:50 minutes

2 - Skirt Wetting - Stacey waits outside a restroom to go p. She can't hold back and wets all over her skirt. When she finally goes in she is so horny she sits down and releases. 13:26 minutes

3 - P in Woods, Comes on Picnic Table - Stacey is at a state park back in the woods where she takes a p She then gets on top a picnic table and comes. 10:10 minutes

4 - Tub Wetting - Stacey in tub with her lingerie on, shoots p all over her. 9:00 minutes